The rooms at Jomfrubakken

Why our rooms all have different names

One night, we sat down with our children and some bottles of wine to brainstorm names relating to the history of the house and the name, Jomfrubakken. The outcome was a very creative and fun night with way too many funny, crazy, and quirky names, which made it difficult to choose between them. We did however agree on some names and concluded that this decision was right, if only our guests were going to find them half as funny as we did. Many of our guests request for a specific room when booking. This has led to many fun talks especially with internationals interested in the story, which is a great way of starting a conversation. It causes a lot of laughter and talks about the time when Mariager was a Birgitta-stronghold in the 1200s driven by the dedicated and talented nuns and monks.

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