About JomfruBakken

Jomfrubakken was built more than 200 years ago and was finished in 1807. The property is an old Dean farm and was associated with Bridget Convent in Mariager.

Jomfrubakken has also served other purposes for the clergy. As an institution under the once influential Mariager Abbey the doors have been open to many important people. Although it cannot be proved, it is said that the famous Hans Christian Andersen once stayed at Jomfrubakken.

Jomfrubakken borders Jomfrubakken Forest which was merged with Hou Forest a few years ago, bringing the total forest area today to 158 ha. The forest is home to a well-established population of deer, pheasants and hare.

Today, Jomfrubakken is owned by Gitte and Joergen, and operates today as a modern Bed & Breakfast.

Where does the name come from?

The name Jomfrubakken dates back to convent life in Mariager where Jomfrubakken served as deanery. If a young woman became pregnant out of wedlock, she was sent in secrecy to the deanery in order to give birth to the illegitimate child at a good distance from the convent in Mariager town.

The children from Jomfrubakken were given to wealthy families of the nobility and it was these same noble families who sent their unmarried daughters to the convent.

The host & hostess

Gitte works as a coach and Joergen is self-employed and they both take care of all the practical tasks involved in running Jomfrubakken. We live in the main building of Jomfrubakken and are always at hand if you ever need help or advice as to which activities are available.

Jomfrubakken Bed & Breakfast is not just a job for us; it is our home and our passion where we enjoy giving our guests the best possible service during their stay.

Looking forward to seeing you at Jomfrubakken

Very best regards

Gitte og Joergen


* Large fully equipped country kitchen

* Meeting and banqueting room

* Barbeque terrace

* Meeting and course facilities

* Wireless internet

* Free parking

* Jomfrubakken is a smoke free area

* Breakfast in high season

* Washing machine and tumble dryer

* Free coffee and tea